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February 27, 2019
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Dental crowns perform a number of functions, from the cosmetic improvement of permanently stained or fractured teeth, to replacing crownmissing teeth. If you are one of the millions of Americans living with tooth loss or are simply looking to make cosmetic improvements to your smile, dental crowns may be a good option for you. Dentists, Dr. Logan Wood and Dr. Radley Robins, offer a range of dentistry services for the whole family in Conroe, TX.

Improve Your Smile and Oral Health with Dental Crowns in Conroe, TX

Damaged and missing teeth can have a negative impact on your self esteem, confidence, and lifestyle as well as your oral and general health. Dental crowns kill two birds with one stone by improving the cosmetic appearance of your smile while also restoring tooth surface lost to trauma or decay so that you can continue to eat and brush and floss properly. They also strengthen and protect the healthy portion of a damaged tooth from further issues in the future.

How Dental Crowns Work

Crowns are also known as caps because they are literally a cover that is placed over a damaged tooth. They can also replace missing teeth with a bridge. Crowns are a good restoration option for a number of common dental problems including:

  • Cavities that are too large to be filled with a standard dental filling
  • Large breaks and fractures
  • Missing teeth
  • Cosmetic improvements to permanently stained or damaged teeth

Crowns are custom designed to look like natural teeth, so your smile will actually look better than it did before. They are made using materials like porcelain, ceramic, and composite resin (a combination of glass and plastic materials) to replicate the texture and color of natural teeth. Some crowns are also fused to metal.

With proper care, the average crown can last from five to ten years, but may last for much longer.

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