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March 03, 2022
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Don't hide your smile, improve it! Cosmetic dentistry in Conroe, TX, can help give you the confidence to smile again. Dr. Logan Wood, Dr. Radley Robins, and Dr. Emily Graham of Conroe Family Dentistry offer a variety of cosmetic treatments for all your dental needs.

Teeth Whitening

The first thing that most people who want to improve their smile think about is teeth whitening. Regular brushing keeps your teeth healthy, but for a truly bright white smile, you should consider professional whitening. In-office whitening only takes an hour and brightens your smile by up to eight shades.


If you have chipped or cracked teeth your dentist may recommend this treatment. Using a dental bonding material, your dentist will fill and reshape your damaged teeth. 

Dental Veneers

Veneers are another alternative to enhance your smile, provided by your cosmetic dentist in Conroe, TX. They are thin shells that cover the front surface of your teeth to cover imperfections and give you a perfect smile.

Dental Implants

If you have one or more teeth that can't be repaired with bonding or veneers or have a gap in your smile, dental implants are an excellent option because they can replace one or more teeth. Titanium posts are affixed to the patient's jaw and it is on these that the replacement crown is bonded, making for a very long-lasting addition to your smile.

Your dentist can find the best combination of cosmetic treatments specifically for you.

Don't Delay

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry treatments in Conroe, TX, please give Dr. Wood, Dr. Robins, and Dr. Graham of Conroe Family Dentistry a call today at (936) 539-2211. 


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February 07, 2022
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Are you looking to improve the appearance of your front teeth? Dental veneers are widely used to improve the appearance of front teeth and are a much more conservative option than a full dental crown. Veneers can be used to improve the appearance of staining, large gaps, large fillings, chipped teeth, or overall shape. Veneers are a thin covering over the front and biting end of the tooth used to restore the beauty of a smile. Over the years we have helped many patients who opted for veneers and now have the confidence to smile again. Just call Drs. Logan Wood and Radley Robins of Conroe Family Dentistry. We are conveniently located in Conroe, TX.

Dental veneers are made in a lab from long-lasting porcelain materials. The shade can be chosen as a desirable color to whiten the appearance of your smile. Dental veneers are usually placed on the anterior, or front teeth, where the chewing forces are not as hard as the back teeth. The process of placing veneers is relatively easy requiring only two dental appointments. In some cases, only one appointment is needed. It depends on the fabrication process.

The first appointment is to “prep” the teeth and takes an impression to be sent to a lab to fabricate the veneers. Veneers are fairly conservative in the preparation as it requires a small amount of space to be created on the face (front), bottom, and sides of each tooth to allow space for the veneer to be placed and look natural. You will leave the office with temporary veneers for the next week or two while the permanent veneers are being made.

The second appointment is to place the veneers and make minor adjustments if needed. What a difference it makes in the appearance of the teeth! If you’re interested in learning more, give Drs. Logan Wood and Radley Robins of Conroe Family Dentistry a call today! You can reach their Conroe, TX, office by dialing (936) 539-2211.

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December 10, 2021
Category: Oral Health

Choosing the right dentist for your entire family is very important. You need to find someone everyone feels comfortable with and will care for your family with both professionalism and compassion. If you’re looking for a family dentist in Conroe, TX, Dr. Logan Wood, Dr. Radley Robins, and Dr. Emily Graham, dentists at Conroe Family Dentistry, would like to share a few tips for finding the right family dentist for you and your family.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Their Recommendations

Your friends and family members can be a great source of information. Find out whom they use (or don’t) and why (or why not). These people are going to be 100% brutally honest with you, and that’s what you need right now. 

Check Online Reviews

You can also check online reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, HealthGrades, etc. Pay attention to what previous patients say about the dentist, services, and overall experience. 

Review Their Qualifications and Experience

Once you have made a list of dentists, you should check the qualifications and experience of each dentist in Conroe, TX. After all, you should never trust just anyone with the oral health needs of your family. While you want to ensure the dentist is properly certified, you also want to ensure the dentist has the experience to back up said qualification. 

Check Their Offered Services

As you select a family dentist, make sure that the services offered are ones that match the needs of your family. If at all possible, it is ideal if the dentist offers all kinds of dental care, allowing your family to receive everything in one clinic, from cleanings and whitening treatments to root canals and cosmetic restorations. With a one-stop dentist, you will save money and stress in the end. 

Schedule a Consultation with a Conroe, TX, Dentist

Once you have narrowed your list down, consider scheduling a consultation with a Conroe, TX, dentist to see if it is a good fit. For more information, call Conroe Family Dentistry at (936) 539-2211 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wood, Dr. Robins, or Dr. Graham. 

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December 09, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Have you lost one or two teeth and aren't quite ready for dentures yet? Then, you might want to consider dental implants in Conroe, TX. Implant restorations provide you with a strong replacement tooth that will last for many years. At Conroe Family Dentistry, Dr. Logan Wood, Dr. Emily Graham, and Dr. Radley Robins can provide you with the solid oral health care that you need.

How Implants Work 

Implant restoration utilizes a multiple-stage system to replace missing teeth. It starts by carefully inserting a titanium implant into your bone. Next, this implant goes directly where your missing tooth sat and requires several months of healing before putting on the replacement tooth. 

Finally, each replacement crown is carefully crafted to look like the tooth that it is replacing and is carefully polished to make it as attractive and natural-looking as possible. Its strong material construction helps to fight against various types of decay problems, including plaque and bacteria. Implants also provide many other benefits that make them a good choice. Understanding these benefits can help you decide if restoration is suitable for you. 

The Benefits of Implants 

If you get dental implants in Conroe, TX, at Conroe Family Dentistry, you'll receive many benefits for your oral health. These advantages help to keep the rest of your teeth strong and minimize decay throughout your mouth. Just a few benefits you'll experience with implants include:

  • Durable Strength — Implants can last for the rest of your life if you're careful about regular maintenance. This includes brushing and flossing the implant and visiting your dentist regularly. 
  • Handsome Appearance — Implants look so close to a natural tooth that most people won't realize you were ever missing one. This benefit also improves your self-esteem by minimizing aesthetic issues.
  • Enhanced Jaw Strength — When you lose a tooth, your jaw can weaken and lead to sagging skin throughout your face. Implants help by providing a higher level of support.

These benefits help to make implants a substantial investment for people missing a tooth. They not only improve your overall appearance but boost your oral strength. Talk to your dentist about insurance options to ensure that you qualify for coverage and payment.

Work With Us Today

Do you want dental implants in Conroe, TX, from a dental professional you can trust? Then please call us today at Conroe Family Dentistry. Dr. Wood, Dr. Graham, and Dr. Robins understand the implant process and will do their best to ensure you are satisfied. Call (936) 539-2211 to learn more or set up an appointment with one of our dental professionals. We'll do what we can to help keep your teeth strong.

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April 29, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures

It’s common for people to fear going to the dentist, even when there’s nothing to be worried about. If you avoid going to the dentist because of dental anxiety, sedation dentistry may be the option for you. Dr. Logan Wood and Dr. Radley Robins at Conroe Family Dentistry in Conroe, TX, offer sedation dentistry to ease all of your dental anxiety and get you feeling more confident about going to the dentist again.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can help you by blocking your pain receptors with local anesthetics or medications that can help you relax and feel totally comfortable at the dentist. When you’re afraid of going to the dentist, every sensation may feel intensified and more concerning than it actually is and sedation dentistry can help you stop stressing about the dentist. First, your dentist in Conroe, TX, will discuss your medical history and determine if you’re eligible for sedation dentistry.

Some forms of sedation dentistry include:

  • Oral Sedation- Oral sedation is applied by mouth and can be taken through pill form. This method is usually preferred because it’s easy, yet effective and doesn’t require the use of needles, and begins to work in a matter of minutes.
  • Inhalation Conscious Sedation- This method has been used in dental offices for years and is a fairly well-known form of sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide is a sedative that you inhale and is administered through a nasal hood, which is a cup-like device that is placed over the nose.
  • IV Conscious Sedation- This form of sedation has an almost immediate effect and sedation is administered through an IV in the veins.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

If your fear of the dentist is preventing you from getting the care that you need, you may want to consider learning more about sedation dentistry. Contact Dr. Logan Wood and Dr. Radley Robins at Conroe Family Dentistry in Conroe, TX, today at (936) 539-2211 to ask any questions about sedation dentistry and to schedule your appointment!

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